Human resources policy
Corporate culture

MIKGroup is a home where corporate culture becomes a spiritual factor to create a connection throughout the organization, contribute to the development of management strategy, train professional manpower, and ensure smooth, effective, and continuous system operation.
Throughout its five years of establishment and development, MIKGroup has become the second home of thousands of employees, a place where people bond and spend the majority of their days living and working. Each member of MIKGroup always takes a proactive stance, continuously learns to perfect him/herself, and sets the Group’s core values as goals in his/her job. Living and working with a strong sense of discipline, enthusiasm, and determination are what each member of MIKGroup always bears in mind. Together, they form a unified power to take MIKGroup to the next level. 
MIKGroup's enthusiasm and solidarity are not only expressed in its work but also in its internal and group activities such as team building, sports, monthly birthday parties, Leader Talk, etc., in which members of the MIKGroup family can live and work with comfort and engagement.


Working environment

MIKGroup’s professional, modern, and friendly working environment where each employee can proactively and flexibly handle his/her assignment to produce the best results. At MIKGroup, employees have a chance to take part in more than one field of work if they are able and willing to do so, thus enabling them to balance between life and work.


Career advancement

As an open and modern business, MIKGroup considers human resources as the most valuable asset and sees the human factor as the centerpiece of the Group's overall development. MIKGroup always creates the most favorable conditions for its employees to not only learn, build up experience, and take advantage of their strength but also get opportunities for growth and promotion in the future. MIKGroup’s door is always wide open to welcome people who are capable - enthusiastic - honest.

Compensation and benefits

To attract and facilitate talents’ growth, MIKGroup offers employees an extremely attractive compensation & benefits package:

  • A competitive salary based on your capability; 
  • 13th-month bonus, bonus for your performance and special occasions.
  •  Full coverage of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and healthcare insurance. 
  • A preferential price when purchasing apartments of the Group's projects. 
  • An emphasis on re-energizing its workforce through extracurricular activities, travel tours, and cultural - sports activities.
  • Annual travel tours, birthday parties, and support during sick leaves.
Career Opportunities
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HR DIRECTOR PQ 01 15-12-2018