According to the official announcement from the investor, the Official Sale Opening Ceremony for Project Imperia Sky Garden (located at 423 Minh Khai Street, Hanoi) shall be organized at 09:00 am on November 11, 2018 at JW Marriott Hotel, 8 Do Duc Duc Street, Hanoi. During the ceremony, there will be a luck draw to find out who will be lucky enough to become the owner of a 2.1 billion-worth apartment.

Apart from the epic prize of a premium apartment at Imperia Sky Garden, customers have the chances to win many other valuable gifts, such as 02 Europe tours, 02 Singapore – Malaysia tours and 20 Phu Quoc tours for two.

The Zero Hour is closing fast

In under 5 days, the Official Sale Opening Ceremony for Project Imperia Sky Garden will be held. According to reports from estate agents, the real estate market of Hai Ba Trung District in general and Minh Khai Street in particular have been particularly active in recent days. This results from actual demands, as year ends are always busy periods for real estate market. In addition, there are a lot of apartment projects in the Southern area of Hanoi currently in the construction and building phase. And finally, a “push” from Imperia Sky Garden’ unique sales policy was like fuel having been added to the fire.

Imperia Sky Garden will be officially opened for sales on November 11, 2018 at JW Marriott Hotel, 8 Do Duc Duc Street, Hanoi.

Mr. Phan Van Truong (38 years old, from Long Bien District), one of the customers who has just successfully bought an apartment at Imperia Sky Garden, delightedly said that he believed this is the perfect time for deposit and disbursement. His apartment also gave him a ticket to join the lucky draw to win another apartment worth VND 2.1 billion at the same project. “I’m really excited and hope that I will be the luckiest one”. He shared more in a cheerful voice.
“It’s like a dream come true if I buy 1 but could get 2 houses. I know that every customer who bought an apartment here at Imperia Sky Garden is looking forward to the event as me.” Ms. Mai Thanh Van (35 years old, from Hoang Mai District) could barely hide her eagerness.

As stated by the investor, all customers who successfully buy an apartment from now to the event will be given the chance to join the lucky draw for this 2.1 billion “gift”. The opportunity is close and don’t hesitate if your dream is having a premium house at Imperia Sky Garden, because it may come true or even with a generous bonus!

Project “Sky Garden” – A real estate masterpiece on Minh Khai Street

A living space full of green and utilities at Imperia Sky Garden

Occupying the "diamond position” at 423 Minh Khai Street, Imperia Sky Garden’s location is named as one of the most prime ones in the Southern area of Hanoi by the experts. It only takes its resident 10 minutes to move to the Old Quarter, 5 minutes to a wide range of premium utilities, such as Vinmec International Hospital, Vincom Megamall shopping centre and entertainment complex, or Vinschool multi-level school... In addition, Minh Khai Street, one of the capital’s arterial route, is being invested for expansion with over 60m in width. This route will also receive more investment to build a skywalk connecting Vinh Tuy Bridge to Nga Tu Vong Intersection, giving more advantages to Hai Ba Trung traffic over any areas.

However, what makes Imperia Sky Garden a perfect and unique place is its modern living space and utilities. Right after stepping over the gate to this place, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of Minh Khai Street, Imperia Sky Garden’ future residents may enjoy peaceful walks on green walkways, among colorful bushes and flowers blossoming and spreading gentle fragrances all four seasons. Imperia Sky Garden, as an apartment complex in the heart of Viet Nam’s capital, is not only the ideal living space but also equipped with 68 utilities, some of which may only appear at the most luxurious resorts.

Sky Garden – a masterpiece on the roof of the apartment building

“Enjoy to the fullest” will be the guiding principle for maintaining a quality life of happiness for the place’s owners. Therefore, right from the beginning, Imperia Sky Garden, as prediction from experts, was said to be the place where people enjoy a resort life all 365 in a year, indulging themselves in the cool water of the infinity pool, spending days dreaming at the Sky Garden full of violet shades or watching the starry night sky in the colorful paradise garden, and so on to “regenerate labour power”, re-balance their life and welcome new days full of life energy.

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Hotline: 0919 88 33 99


All customers successfully make an apartment purchase from now to the end of 11/11 will be presented with 03 tenths of a tael of gold worth VND 11 million and a SH Mode scooter worth VND 55 million. In addition to the gift policy, the investor will still apply incentive bank loan policy of up to 75% apartment value and a discount of up to 5% sales price for early payment.

Bài viết khác

At the ceremony of Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2019, MIKGroup was honored with 3 awards: Best Mixed-Use Developer Vietnam, Best Developer Hanoi, and Breakthrough Developer Vietnam.
During its recent sale opening and customer appreciation ceremony at Meliã Hotel, Hanoi, the developer of Imperia Sky Garden found its glamorous Mercedes a new owner as hundreds of condominium transactions were recorded successful.
To express gratitude towards Imperia Sky Garden apartment customers, MIKHome – the product’s manager and distributor shall organize a luck draw for a Mercedes car and other valuable prizes at 09:00 AM, on the incoming May 12, 2019 at Meliá Hotel, No. 44 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi.